There are plenty of options for staying close to the conference venue. Here are a few of our recommendations:

  • Marriott Hotel Friends and Family rate of £80 per head for 2 nights
    This is a significant reduction on the normal price and places will be limited. Please contact to make this booking for this.
  • Other local hotels
    There are a wide variety of other hotels in close proximity to the conference location including a Holiday Inn Express and Ramada Encore. Attendees should contact these hotels directly to reserve their accommodation.
  • Lodging with local Christians
    We don’t want the cost of accommodation to be a reason not to attend the conference, so we would be happy to seek to arrange accommodation with a local Christian in Birmingham. Please contact by Friday 29th April to make an enquiry about this.

Thanks to event sponser

We’re excited to see you this year!

Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the conference be recorded?
Yes, audio recordings of the conference will be made and we also expect to make video recordings. Please allow time for conference staff to review the recordings for quality and prepare them for upload. Some sessions may not be available due to copyright issues or speaker contract agreements.

Can I get podcasts/DVDs/CDs of the conference sessions?
The recordings will be made freely available via the website. No DVDs or CDs are sold. We recommend checking back regularly if the files are not available on your visit to the website.

How do the conference seminars work?
There will be three seminar sessions running concurrently on the Thursday afternoon. When you book you will be asked to identify your preferred and second choice seminar tracks. This is to help the organising team gauge which rooms should be used for which track. You can go back and edit your preference once you have booked and even make a change of preference on the day. We will endeavour to record all the seminars so that you can benefit from the content of those you aren’t able to attend.

Will there be child care at the conference?
We’re sorry, but no. For a variety of reasons the conference is simply unable to offer child care services nor can we offer a list of recommended child care providers in Birmingham.

Will there be transportation or shuttle services available?
No, the conference does not provide shuttle services or transportation. However, if you are seeking transportation to or form the airport, your hotel and the conference venue, we recommend checking with your hotel or host to see if they offer that service or know of someone who does.

I need to cancel my registration. What should I do?
If you find it necessary to cancel a registration, we are sorry that you won’t be able to join us for the conference.

Prior to April 1st, cancellations are subject to a £10 non-refundable administrative fee. Beginning April 1st, registrations are fully non-refundable. However, you may substitute another attendee in an existing registration at no cost. If you cannot attend and need to cancel your registration, it may be beneficial to see if someone else on your team, or in your network or organisation has decided to attend, then contact the conference to request a substitution. While we can process the registration changes, any payment reimbursements or arrangements would be solely between you and the new attendee. We thank our concrete contractor for helping us set up this event location.

To either cancel or substitute another attendee, please e-mail.

The Conference

Paul urges Timothy to “preach the word” and to be ready both “in season and out of season” (2 Tim 4:2). He foresees times of fruitfulness but also of resistance and indifference to truth. Many of us in Western Europe can relate to resistance, though we labour in a continent that was once fruitful. But what should we do when the soil is hard and unyielding? When fruit seems slow in coming?

The answer is to preach the gospel. For no matter the season we may find ourselves in, God’s glorious Word never changes. Neither does his call upon our churches to be the people of God in the here and now.

Come and join us as we look to challenge and encourage each other to plant churches and be gospel ministers For All Seasons.

Conference Detail

The conference is a regional Acts 29 Bootcamp being organised in partnership by Acts 29 Western Europe and 2020 Birmingham. It will focus on the vision of church planting, the calling of the planter, the mandate to multiply churches and the theological foundation for gospel-centred church planting.

There will be an opportunity to find out more about a city-wide church-planting initiative being undertaken in Birmingham, through which a coalition of churches are working to see at least 20 churches planted in the city by 2020.